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How to Discover Best Selling Amazon Kindle Nonfiction Book Ideas [Kindle Edition]

October 18, 2012
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How to Discover Best Selling Amazon Kindle Nonfiction Book Ideas is one of the better books about writing and publishing for Kindle. Here’s the description from Amazon:


How To Publish Kindle Books That Actually Sell
Don’t Waste Months Writing Titles That Nobody Wants…
….Learn A Proven System For Discovering Winning Nonfiction eBook Ideas

Find The Right Market Full Of Ready-To-Buy Amazon Customers

You’re wasting time listening to the standard advice about Kindle publishing. You can’t write about any topic and expect it will become a best selling eBook. The truth is the Amazon marketplace is full of fickle readers. Most will only read a specific type of nonfiction book. If you’re not writing about these topics then no one is going to buy your book. It’s that simple!

As an expert on niche research, I know what it takes to find proven, profitable markets. I use four free websites to discover where people are spending money. In my book, I show you these sites. Plus I teach you how to find the right niche that matches your background and personal interests.

Generate Hundreds Of Book Ideas and Publish Your 1st, 2nd, and 100th Best-Selling Kindle Book

The key to making a killing on Kindle is to follow a publisher’s model. You don’t succeed with a single title. Your best best is to locate a hidden niche full of hungry buyers who will buy everything you publish. That’s how the top authors really make money with Amazon eBooks.

My guide details an additional four websites for exploring any market topic. You won’t have to guess what people will buy. Instead you’ll do a special type of research to decipher the language they use and locate the problems they encounter on a daily basis. In addition, you’ll discover the right way to get hundreds of profitable nonfiction book ideas.

Discover 7 Secrets Of Highly Effective Kindle Authors

You’ll need the right philosophy to win at the Amazon game. I’ve examined top-selling Kindle authors and discovered they have a specific mindset that leads tohundreds of daily sales. My guide details these 7 “highly effective” secrets and shows how you can adopt these winning habits.

Use 5 Different Ways To “Hack” Amazon

All the market research in the world won’t matter if you pick the wrong market. The only way to publish a best-selling book is to know if it’ something Amazon readers will buy. Fortunately I know the secret to determining the profitability of any nonfiction book idea. Specifically I use five tools to “hack” Amazon’s algorithm. You’ll learn:

    1. How to determine the average daily sales of any published title


    1. The quickest way to find related books in your marketplace


    1. A simple trick for discovering “hidden” book ideas


    1. My system for turning an unprofitable idea into a title that readers want


    1. How to use the top selling charts to find what’s currently popular in your market.

There is a goldmine of information on Amazon. You just need the right tools to do the digging. With my “5 Amazon Hacks,” you’ll know…within minutes…if you have a best-selling book idea. Then all you have to do is write and publish your title!

Would You Like To Know More?

Get started right away and locate those best-selling nonfiction book ideas.

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