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WordPress is my specialty. Content includes tutorials, roundups, reviews, and news about the WordPress core, themes, plugins, services, design concepts, and Divi.

Product Reviews

Whether it’s software, WordPress plugins, or even physical products, my reviews give your audience the information they need to make the best decision.


I have a bachelor’s in business with an IT focus and can write about any business topic including business strategy, development, management, leadership, and more.


I write about most eCommerce platforms with a strong focus on WooCommerce. Topics include everything from inventory to shipping to payments gateways – and everything in between.


User's Guides

I create user guides for all types of software including desktop and mobile for both offline and online applications. WordPress, plugins, child themes, and services are my primary focus.


I specialize in editing written content at every level including proofreading, copy editing, and content editing. This includes structure for both online and offline content, and for your specific audience and purpose.

Blog Articles

Most articles range from 800-1500 words. They are extensively researched and include images and examples as needed. Articles typically introduce the topic, tell a story that’s easily scannable, divide the topic into sections that make sense, include H tags according to your SEO needs, and provide a concluding thought with a call to action. All articles are shared on my social networks and I hang around to answer questions in the comments.

Product Reviews

I love writing product reviews. I use the product extensively before I begin writing. I step the reader through my process of using it, describe the major features and any features that stand out, show the product’s strengths and weaknesses, describe who or what situation it’s best suited for, and describe my experience with the product. My goal is to provide readers with the information they need to make a decision and for them to have no surprises if they purchase the product.

SEO Strategy

I use SEO keywords naturally with the articles, including the title, H tags, and body text. My articles won’t read like “keyword stuffing” just to get found in search engines. If you’re using Yoast my goal is to get you a green light in both readability and keyword analysis. I can also include tags, set your links to open according to your strategy and format the images based on your guidelines. Do you need guidance to create those guidelines and strategies? I can help with that too.

Creative Writing

I’ve been both a reader and a writer all my life. Well, for at least as long as I can remember. I hate reading articles that are nothing but fluff, that overuse keywords, leave out important information or steps or are simply boring. My articles are as thorough as possible, without sounding like they only exist to make a sale or capture the attention of a search engine and provide real personality. My goal is to write articles that I would read.

My Work

Here are a few examples of the types of WordPress articles I write.

Product Review

WordPress Plugin


Divi Childthemes


WordPress Tutorial

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