Christian Ethics Essentials from

Ethics is the study of right and wrong. It attempts to explain why something is right and why something is wrong. Too many people try to explain ethics on majority rule, popular opinion, or even personal opinion. I believe that God gave us the Bible as our foundation for ethics. provides a free seminary class in audio on the subject of Christian ethics. You can listen to the course here:

Christian Ethics Essentials

Free Online Management and Leadership Course from Master Class Management

Master Class Management has a free 10-lesson course on Management and Leadership skills. The course is a mini MBA that you can study for free at your own pace. You can even get a certificate if you want. Lessons include:

  1. How to be a Great Manager through Strong Leadership
  2. How to Manage and Organize your Department to Meet the Goals
  3. How to Manage your Employees & Build a Strong Team
  4. How to Hire & Retain the Right People
  5. How to Deal with Conflict, Problems, Difficult Employees & Firing
  6. How to Delegate, Manage your Time, Solve Problems & Make the Right Decisions
  7. How to Get your Point Across through the Art of Business Communications
  8. Business Basics Part I – Business Types, Ethics& Law, Economics, Finance & Accounting
  9. Business Basics Part II – Operations Management, Customer Service, IS & HR
  10. Business Basics Part III – Marketing & Sales

There’s a lot to like in this course. You can take the complete course or just the sections you choose. Highly recommended. You can find the course here:

Free Online Management Training & Leadership Skills Course Business Management Certification