Randy A Brown

Using Bing for Inspiration

March 25, 2013
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Writing can become stale if authors use the same tired locations and descriptions too many times. Readers like to be taken to new places, but it can sometimes be difficult to dream up new landscapes, cityscapes, animals, settings, etc. Rather than just looking at specific pictures online, which tends to propagate ‘sameness’, sometimes a writer needs to be inspired by something a little more random. One trick I’ve used for a fresh shot of inspiration is Bing.com. Bing shows a new photo every day. Sometimes there’s nothing there to spark the imagination, but sometimes you might find a real gem in a landscape, or animal, or even a tree. One thought can then lead to another… and you never know what it might turn into.

Check out today’s photo at Bing.com

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  1. hannah C brown

    Cool! I definitely know what you mean, I get so tired of the same landscapes in my stories but I just don’t know what else to write about. Maybe this could help!


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