Randy A Brown







Update on my First Novel

My first novel is almost complete! I'm past the 50k word mark. My plan was to produce 12 chapter with each averaging 4500 words, and write 1 chapter a week. I wanted to finish it before November so I can write a new novel for nanowrimo. I've kept that very close to...

Outlining your Book

Whether I'm writing fiction or non-fiction, I always write an outline for my book. There are many methods for outlining. Here's a quick overview of my method. For nonfiction I write all the major points that I want to make. I arrange the points in the order I want to...

Writing as a Hobby

I love writing. Many people like the idea of writing, but don't pursue writing because they think they can never be published. Well, in today's publishing world self-publishing is easier than ever because of ereaders like the Kindle and nook, and the ease of creating...

What I’m Working On

I like to write both fiction and non-fiction. I'm currently working on several books in several categories. I plan to release them all on Kindle. Non-Fiction My non-fiction work is mostly Christian based. I'm almost done with a Bible marking guide. This one should be...