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It can be difficult to get motivated to write. It can also be discouraging when you think about the odds of becoming a published author. To help me with these issues, I’ve been listening to the podcast at The Creative Penn ( The Creative Penn podcast is from Joanna Penn and available on her website Joanna interviews authors, publishers, editors, and just about anybody else in the publishing industry. She also gives many tips on writing, publishing, and marketing. Her site and her podcast are great for a boost of positive thinking and I find her tips invaluable. Thank you Joanna!

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Writing as a Hobby

I love writing. Many people like the idea of writing, but don’t pursue writing because they think they can never be published. Well, in today’s publishing world self-publishing is easier than ever because of ereaders like the Kindle and nook, and the ease of creating PDF’s, etc. Practically anyone can self-publish, but – publishing doesn’t have to be the only reason to write. Writing is a great creative outlet. I almost always have a story idea bugging that just won’t leave me alone. Writing is a worthy hobby because it’s fun, creative, and helps keep your mind sharp.

One excuse I hear from would-be writers that are considering self-publishing is that they couldn’t make a living with it. That might be true, but even that’s OK. Selling even a single copy can be fun and make a difference for someone. It’s OK to not sell tons of copies if you enjoyed the writing process. Writing is the fun part. Even if there’s no icing on the cake with millions of sells, writing is still worth doing.

Writing is free. Many hobbies cost lots of money. Some only have a cost of supplies. If you have a computer, then writing is basically free. Of course there’s the cost of electricity and wear and tear on the computer, but that’s really negligible.

The main reason to write is because you enjoy it. Writing is a great hobby and I encourage everyone to give it a try.