5 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Writer

Photo by Patricia Fortes. Used by permission from morguefile.com

Photo by Patricia Fortes. Used by permission from morguefile.com

Getting project done on time and within budget is something that we all face. Some projects require professional writing skills that most project managers either don’t have or don’t have the time to use. Many simply do not enjoy writing and would rather hand that task over to someone who does. Also, most companies don’t have a staff of writers on the payroll. This is where hiring a freelance writer makes sense. Hiring a freelance writer has several benefits.

Higher Quality

We’ve all heard the term: jack of all trades and master of none. One of my favorite quotes comes from Orville Redenbacher: do one thing and do it better than anybody. A freelance writer has the advantage of being a master of his or her field. Higher quality writing will flow better, will appeal to the audience, and will motivate the reader to action.

More Affordable

The freelancer will only be paid for the work that’s done. You won’t have to worry about expenses such as healthcare and 401k, and keeping them busy after the project is complete. This greatly reduces the cost of writing and you can even hire a better quality writer for less money than hiring a full-time employee.

They have a Range of Experience

Freelancers often have a wide variety of experience. They come to freelancing with a background that may include a vast background of skills, including software development, manufacturing, PR, health care, training, and many other possibilities. They’ve often written in many fields. You get the benefit of the knowledge they’ve gained from other clients. (more…)

Update on my First Novel

My first novel is almost complete! I’m past the 50k word mark. My plan was to produce 12 chapter with each averaging 4500 words, and write 1 chapter a week. I wanted to finish it before November so I can write a new novel for nanowrimo. I’ve kept that very close to consistent and now I’m finishing up the last chapter. I’m a little ahead of schedule- so I’ll have more time to plan my next book.

So… about my first novel: It’s a fantasy setting. I think of it as medieval with dragons. I’m not writing high fantasy, so there are no elves, orcs, dwarves, etc. There are several creatures: dragons, something similar to dragons but smaller, something similar to rhinos, but bigger, and something similar to a yeti.

The story: Two friends and one enemy/friend go on a quest to solve the riddle of a stone with mysterious markings. They’re caught in the middle of a massive war and one side want’s the stone. This leads them to a hidden Temple that contains the most powerful and dangerous weapon even known, and one side thinks they can control it. It’s called The Temple of Armaan Suun. I’m considering writing part 2 for nanowrimo.