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Current Projects – Book 3 and 4 of my Fantasy Series

March 10, 2014
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I’m currently working on the plot for the next two books in my fantasy series, Tales of Aarkan Zea Book 3: Dragon Master, and Tales of Aarkan Zea Book 4: Thwaylin’s Song. The series has a medieval setting and the plots intertwine. I’m also working on a comedy novella of one of the minor characters titled Tales of Aarkan Zea: Freedrin the Brave. I’ll follow that one up with a second novella titled Tales of Aarkan Zea: Freedrin the Magnificent. After I finish the first draft of books 3 and 4 I will write an overhaul of all four plots (to tighten them up). Then I’ll rewrite book 1 and get it published on Kindle, and then I’ll rewrite book 2, and so on. This series started as an idea to write an ongoing series that I would publish monthly on Kindle (much like comic-book style publishing – only with just words). Once I got started I decided to try my hand at a novel. I want to keep the series going, but more than anything I wanted to avoid a trilogy. Yesterday I was afraid a trilogy was in order. Today a brand new plot idea hit me that will drive the entire book 4 in such a way that it will have to be its own book. I’m also leaving enough questions and mysteries to continue the series even further.



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