Randy A Brown

A Higher Standard

November 7, 2011
Reading Time: < 1 minute

A leader is respected when he holds himself to a higher standard. When everyone thinks of you as ‘one of the guys’ they might feel more comfortable being around you, but they can’t fully respect you as their leader because they know you too well. They might think of you as the boss, but that doesn’t mean they think of you as a leader.

When everyone in the office uses bad language their fellow workers don’t think anything of it, but when the person they look up to as the leader uses the same language they talk among themselves about how they were surprised that someone in their position would talk like that. Without realizing it or knowing why, they are holding their leaders to a higher standard. This standard holds for your work ethic, time management, and even education.

Leaders should be more reserved. This shows the character of leadership. This doesn’t mean that you think you’re better than anyone else. The fact is, people tend to hold their leaders to a higher standard, so why not hold yourself to that same standard?


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