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I’m Going to WordCamp US 2017 in Nashville, Tennessee December 1-3

This year’s WordCamp US is near my home in TN, so I can’t pass up the opportunity to meet the amazing Elegant Theme’s crew in person. I’ve written quite a few articles for the Elegant Theme’s blog, so meeting Kenny Sing, Mitch Skolnik, B.J. Keeton, Jason Champagne, Nathan B Weller, and Nick Roach at the Coffee and Pastry Meet and Greet is kind of a big deal for me. I’m also looking forward to meeting many of the Divi developers like Tim Strifler, Tammy Grant, Leslie Barnal, David Blackmon, Josh Hall, Terry Hale, Adam Inlay, Daniel Dye, Nathan Duvall, and many others (I apologize if I’ve left your name off the list. There are many others I’d like to name). I highly recommend you check out the meet and greet event they’re planning. They had me at “coffee” (although I’d go anyway… but still… coffee). There will be photos.

There’s also some guy by the name of Matt Mullenweg, who’s going to say something about WordPress. I’ve heard he’s kind of a big deal, so we’ll see. There will be a lot of talk about Gutenberg, design, development, and even a few things about running a business with WordPress. I’m hoping to see a few things about blogging, such as blog management, writing, etc. (but that’s the writer in me).

I’m currently planning to go Friday and Saturday (although Saturday isn’t guaranteed). I plan to meet as many sponsors and website owners as I can. I haven’t fully decided on the sessions that I’ll attend (I’m actually more excited about meeting the Divi crew than attending the sessions, not that the sessions aren’t exciting). Most likely I’ll have a hard time making a decision of what the see and I’ll just roam the halls (I plan to a little bit at least). I’ll take a few photos too.

After WordCamp US is over, I plan to post my thoughts about the event and the State of the Word. Oh, and photos. I’ll post lots of photos.

What about you? Are your going to WordCamp US 2017 in Nashville? I hope see you there!

WP Design Trends

My new website,, is now live. This site is all about web design using WordPress. The focus is on the look and feel of the website with special attention to UX and UI. I will review themes, plugins, books, and courses. It also includes a job board where anyone post or apply for jobs within the WordPress industry.

Please check it out and subscribe, share, and comment.

Top 5 Apps To Keep Your Website Secure

This guest post is from Kim DeLisle of

I would like to thank Randy A. Brown for allowing me to contribute to the site! I love his musings on writing and the Bible, and he also writes some really great, practical articles like this one on Creating Amazon Affiliate Links in WordPress. If you haven’t already, make sure you take a look around once you’re done with this article!

Top 5 Apps To Keep Your Website Secure

Keeping your website secure is one of the top responsibilities of a webmaster. Not only do your security choices affect you (and possibly your livelihood) but also anyone who uses your site. (more…)

A Look at Lean Manufacturing and the Toyota Production System


Lean is a buzzword in today’s workplace. It is especially popular in manufacturing industries. While most companies have their own version of lean, the fundamentals are the same. This article takes a look at lean manufacturing, defines it, discusses the key terms, and describes the advantages of implementing lean into the manufacturing process.

Note – there are no industry secrets in this article. The contents in this article are public knowledge. (more…)