Randy A Brown

Don’t Follow Your Passion

October 31, 2022
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One of the most popular pieces of advice you’ll hear when planning a business is to follow your passion. Another way of stating it is if you do what you love you’ll never work. This is bad advice. You should enjoy what you’re doing for a living. Life’s too short to do work you don’t enjoy. But, turning your passion into work changes your passion from something you want to do to something you have to do. Your passion is something you should do because you enjoy it.

Do This Instead of Following Your Passion

What should you do instead? Follow what you have an aptitude for. This will make your work easier to do and manage and can help you develop a well-paying career. This is especially important when developing a business that you intend to run for many years. Look at your skills and use that as a starting point. This can still be something you enjoy.

Following your skills and aptitude will help you develop a business you’re good at and can do for many years. This keeps your passion as something you can do for fun so you still have something you enjoy when you need a break from work.

How about you? Did you build a business following your passion or aptitude? How did it work out and what challenges did you face?


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