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WordPress Design Trends 2017 – Child Themes and Layouts

April 20, 2017
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WordPress Design Trends 2017 – Child Themes and Layouts

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Child themes and layouts are great tools to help speed up the design process. They’re easy to get. Many multi-purpose themes and plugin builders allow you to export and import, so they’re reusable and you can buy them, share them, and even sell them. This trend will become even stronger through 2017 into 2018 as designs get more complex and interesting.

Most are designed by top WordPress designers using best practices and design principles, so you’ll have a great start on creating your own website. They’re available in the marketplaces online and directly from the designers themselves.

Child Themes

Child theme usage will become more popular for themes that allow for heavy customization. New features can be added to the theme itself. Many builder themes come with demos or pre-designed child themes, and some of them allow users to create their own which can be sold in the marketplaces. Divi is one such theme. Developers are creating and selling child themes more than ever and that will continue to gain popularity.


Many themes and builder plugins allow for easy layout importing. These will become more popular because they’re relatively easy to make and they don’t require the user to adopt the complete design like a child theme does. Instead, they can be used on a per-page basis. There are lots of free and premium layouts and even the premium layouts are not that expensive when compared to child themes. Several designers give them away as incentives to sign up to their newsletters. They’re also being included within services such as Divi Cloud.

Let’s Discuss

  • Do you use child themes or layouts?
  • Which do you prefer between child themes and layouts?
  • What platform do you use them with?

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