In today’s business world, companies hold workers to high demands. These high demands tend to make us negative and overwhelmed. Negativity is bad for the soul, and for those around us. I used to mold figurines for a living. We had a product that had a nine-piece accessory set. It was a very difficult and time-consuming piece to make. Some customers would order 1000 sets at a time. That’s 10,000 pieces. That made a very long week and it could easily make the entire week a negative experience. In order to see this in a positive way I started thinking about the two ways I could view molding just one set. I could look at the one set and say that I’ve ONLY molded one set and I have 9999 to go, or I could say I’ve molded one set and I ONLY have 9999 sets to go. It’s the same number, but it had a different result. One was negative, which made the work even more difficult, and the other was positive, which made the work more enjoyable a lifted my mood for the week. If the end result is the same, look at it in a positive light. Everyone around you will appreciate it.