Randy A Brown

Think Positive

November 1, 2011
Reading Time: < 1 minute

In today’s business world, companies hold workers to high demands. These high demands tend to make us negative and overwhelmed. Negativity is bad for the soul, and for those around us. I used to mold figurines for a living. We had a product that had a nine-piece accessory set. It was a very difficult and time-consuming piece to make. Some customers would order 1000 sets at a time. That’s 10,000 pieces. That made a very long week and it could easily make the entire week a negative experience. In order to see this in a positive way I started thinking about the two ways I could view molding just one set. I could look at the one set and say that I’ve ONLY molded one set and I have 9999 to go, or I could say I’ve molded one set and I ONLY have 9999 sets to go. It’s the same number, but it had a different result. One was negative, which made the work even more difficult, and the other was positive, which made the work more enjoyable a lifted my mood for the week. If the end result is the same, look at it in a positive light. Everyone around you will appreciate it.



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