Randy A Brown


November 9, 2011
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Motivation is the driving force that helps us get things done. Sometimes it feels impossible to get motivated and once we’re motivated it can difficult to stay motivated. Sometimes it can be so easy to get distracted. Look! Something shiny!

There is no one best or easy way to stay motivated, but one thing that I find helpful is to pay attention to my goals. To say it another way- keep your eye on the prize. Keeping my goals in mind helps me to stick with it. It helps me to write my goals down and look at them often. This helps me see what I need to do to reach my goals.

Of course being able to stick with it depends on how bad I want it. If I don’t want it bad enough it is easy for me to get distracted. I usually lose interest and forget about my goals, even if it’s a good goal.

For me, motivation is tied directly to desire. But, even if I strongly desire something, it can still feel out of reach, which makes me lose interest. To keep focused I give myself pep-talks. Sometimes I write post-it notes and place them around my monitor. So when I’m working on something that I know I’m likely to be distracted from, I see these notes that tell me to stay focused. Notes like: “You KNOW what you need to do”, “Stick with it”, “Don’t waste time”, etc. I usually find a desktop background on the topic I’m working on to remind me of my topic. For example, I had a background of a cap and diploma when I was in college.

Write your goals down. Stay focused on your goals and keep your eye on the prize, but don’t forget to take a break every now and then.


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