Randy A Brown

Jesus – The Ultimate Leader

October 30, 2011
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Jesus is the ultimate leader. His leadership strategy was much different than most leaders we see today because he had a very different purpose. His goal wasn’t to be popular. His goal was to train a few, rather than many. Jesus focused on depth and long-term results. He taught thousands at a time, but he didn’t focus on telling them what they wanted to hear. He didn’t focus on telling them how great they are, or how they can achieve anything they wanted. He usually left them confused at his teachings. His goal wasn’t to give them the answers to all of the questions.

Although he taught thousands, he narrowed his focus down to seventy disciples. From the seventy, he chose twelve to be Apostles. He taught and trained these twelve more deeply than he taught the seventy. From the twelve, Jesus was closer to three. He made these three his ‘inner circle’ and taught them even deeper than he did the other nine.

What was his purpose? Jesus wasn’t just training leaders. He was training leaders of leaders. These leaders changed the modern world. Jesus was teaching a complete paradigm shift and he knew what it would take to make this paradigm work. He knew he didn’t just need disciples. He needed disciples that could make disciples. Jesus had more foresight than any leader before or after. Jesus truly is the ultimate leader.


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