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Building an Online Store with WooCommerce

Building an Online Store with WooCommerce

Building an online store is easier and cheaper today than it has ever been. It can also be complicated. There is a lot to track and keep up with. You have to track orders, customers, and inventory. As your store grows, this gets even more complex. To build and maintain an online store that will grow, you need a single solution that gives you everything you need in one easy to use package. That’s what WooCommerce does.

WooCommerce is one of the most popular ecommerce solutions for WordPress with close to 6 million downloads and a rating of 4.4 out of 5. It’s a simple plugin that adds ecommerce features to your WordPress website. In this article we will take a look at its overall features and see why it’s the most popular choice for building online stores with WordPress. (more…)

Guest Post Creating a 404 Page in WordPress

What is a 404 Page 404 can be great tools that help your visitors navigate your site if the page they were looking for is missing, but they don’t do very much out of the box. To really make them work for you, you need to build something a little more epic. My article on Fabulous Blogging’s website shows you how. You can read the article here:

Creating an Epic 404 Page for Your WordPress Site




Article for Laridian – How to Create Your Own Topical Chain Reference in PocketBible

chainlink_andI’ve written an article for Laridian’s blog about creating your own topical chain reference in PocketBible. Here’s a snippet:

Topical chains are references that take you to the next verse in a topic. They are great for personal study, devotions, sermon prep, and for teaching or preaching. You can easily create your own topical chain reference in PocketBible. It can be as simple or detailed as you want: anything from a few verses and topics to a complete topical chain reference study Bible. Click here to read the rest.



Aim for your Audience – The Key to White Paper Success

audienceThe first key to a successful white paper project is knowing its intended audience. Knowing your audience helps you know what they need. It helps you develop content that appeals to them in the way they need it and in the way they can use it.

The first step is to analyze your audience. This will answer several important questions about them. It will tell you: (more…)

5 Benefits of Hiring a Freelance Writer

Photo by Patricia Fortes. Used by permission from

Photo by Patricia Fortes. Used by permission from

Getting project done on time and within budget is something that we all face. Some projects require professional writing skills that most project managers either don’t have or don’t have the time to use. Many simply do not enjoy writing and would rather hand that task over to someone who does. Also, most companies don’t have a staff of writers on the payroll. This is where hiring a freelance writer makes sense. Hiring a freelance writer has several benefits.

Higher Quality

We’ve all heard the term: jack of all trades and master of none. One of my favorite quotes comes from Orville Redenbacher: do one thing and do it better than anybody. A freelance writer has the advantage of being a master of his or her field. Higher quality writing will flow better, will appeal to the audience, and will motivate the reader to action.

More Affordable

The freelancer will only be paid for the work that’s done. You won’t have to worry about expenses such as healthcare and 401k, and keeping them busy after the project is complete. This greatly reduces the cost of writing and you can even hire a better quality writer for less money than hiring a full-time employee.

They have a Range of Experience

Freelancers often have a wide variety of experience. They come to freelancing with a background that may include a vast background of skills, including software development, manufacturing, PR, health care, training, and many other possibilities. They’ve often written in many fields. You get the benefit of the knowledge they’ve gained from other clients. (more…)