Randy A Brown

I have always believed in the power of quality content and the importance of choosing the right content writer. Randy fit both of those needs and has played a key role in the development of our blog. I would not hesitate to recommend him, and only wish there were more writers like him. A few traits and qualities Randy has displayed are reliability, excellent communication, and willingness to learn about the subject he is writing on. It has been a pleasure working with Randy, and I'm proud to have him with us.
Michael Salem

Co-Founder, Divi Cake

Randy is a talented writer who thoroughly researches his topics and writes with a keen attention to detail. It's been a real pleasure having him on our blogging team.
Nathan B. Weller

Inbound Marketing Manager, Elegant Themes

Randy is a reliable and professional writer who provides us with well-researched articles. He is proactive and has an excellent work ethic which makes it easy to depend on him for important tasks.
Jean Galea

Founder, WP Mayor

Randy has been writing for PremiumWP regularly for a couple of months now and I can say he is a very thorough and professional freelance writer. His articles are always well researched, written to a high standard, and submitted on time. I would have no hesitation recommending Randy, and hope he can continue writing regularly for PremiumWP.

Owner, PremiumWP

“I thoroughly enjoy reading the Randy’s bible reviews. His extensive knowledge of fine bindings, typesetting, and quality bibles has aided many in finding the bible that best suits their individual needs. Randy has a refined writing style that is a joy to read. Randy’s years of experience paired with his unique writing style makes him one of the best bible reviewers around.”

Paul Tanka

Bible Exchange

Randy is a pro.  Reliable, hard working and thorough.  I am consistently impressed with the research and thoughtfulness he puts into each post.  I am delighted to have him on my team.

Eileen Lonergan

Co-Owner, Elegant Marketplace

I love Randy’s work. He puts a lot of research and detail into each article. I really appreciate his communication regarding expectations, schedules, word counts, and topics he intends to cover. With many of the bloggers on my team, we provide a list of suggested topics but I have to come to trust Randy to choose his own topics and they are always spot on. We are grateful to have Randy on our team.

Geno Quiroz

Founder/Creative Director, Monterey Premier

“Randy is by far the most reliable writer I’ve ever worked with. He meets every deadline I throw at him. But even more impressive than that, he submits work that is clean, polished, and professional. He follows my guidelines to the letter. And should I ever require edits, he gets them turned around to me at lightening speed. Seriously, I can’t say enough positive things about him and his work.”

Brenda Stokes Barron

Owner, Digital Inkwell

Randy Brown is tirelessly accommodating, informative, and always professional. His services have been invaluable to us in both a hands-on and advisory capacity. Randy’s WordPress expertise was especially helpful to us during the critical testing and launch phases of the bibleexchange.com website.
Bobby Hanson

The Bible Exchange