Four Types of Workers

There are four basic types of workers.

  1. The worker that sees what needs to be done and then does it.
  2. The worker that asks what needs to be done and then does it.
  3. The worker that will do whatever you tell them to, but you have to tell them what to do.
  4. The worker that you have to tell them what to do and they still don’t do it.

I know people in each of these categories. The number 4 worker is the most aggravating. Most micro-managers that I know like number 3 workers. I like to think of myself as a number 1 worker. Realistically, this is probably only sometimes true. It comes down to the situation. If you are starting a new job it would be very difficult to see what needs to be done until you know the job better. I try to look at every task that I do and ask myself what type of worker I am in that task. Then I try to figure out how to become a number 1 worker in that task. The closer to a number 1 worker you can become, the more respect and credibility you will build and the more valuable you will become.